Dentures – Testimonials

Jan C.

I have worn dentures since 1982 and in all those year, I have never been able to bite into a sandwich or an apple or anything. I had to cut up everything into bite size pieces. I talked to a lot of people who had gone to Dr. Yount and everyone said he was the best at making dentures. He makes his own, no lab involvement. Dr. Yount made my new dentures and I cannot tell you how good it feels to be able to chew and bite without pain or your denture moving around causing painful sores on your gums.

My experience with his staff was above and beyond great customer service. They make you feel special and take their time with you and explain everything as they go along with all steps of the

The thing that is the most wonderful is that I can smile and everyone notices how much better my face looks now that my lower jaw is not protruding. It was a dramatic change and I will forever be grateful for Dr. Yount for the life changing things he has done for me!

Old Charlie

I am close to 98 and my dentures are great. Doc has made me 3 sets of dentures and he really does make them himself! They fit, look like teeth and when I talk they stay in.

Oran F.

I have had two sets of Dr. Yount’s custom made dentures. The first set lasted 10 years and I hope this set out lasts me, after all, I am 75. After getting this last set, I immediately went to the car and took a bite of apple…Just wanted to see if they were as good as the first set. Yes, is the answer. I would never go to anyone else for my dentures.