Full Mouth Reconstruction – Testimonials

Rick K.

I can truly say my experience at the Mattoon Dental Group and with Dr. Yount has been very positive. I was very conscious of the appearance of my teeth prior to having extensive work done by Dr. Yount. The improvements to my mouth and overall look have resulted in me being able to smile without feeling insecure or reluctant. I now consider the entire office to be kind and cordial friends. I particularly enjoy my conservations with Dr. Yount on how we would rectify the countries problems and where we had been and how we enjoyed our corvettes. It has been a pleasure to get to know everyone at Mattoon Dental.

Robert L

Dr. Yount performed a full mouth reconstruction for me. He was very thoughtful and professional during the procedure, ensuring I fully understood all aspect of the reconstruction process. Throughout the process, he explained the steps that were taken and always showed great concern for my dental health. After the process, he continues to examine me in order to maintain the exact dimensions of my bite. I would highly recommend Dr. Yount and his staff to anyone!

Carol B

My issue has been two fold. About 10 years ago, I came to Dr. Yount about pain I was having in my jaw. He diagnosed me with TMJ and put me in a splint. I have been stable for almost 6 years, but could not proceed with restorations because of financial concerns. I waited and am now able to complete phase two of my TMJ treatment. During the time I had to postpone my next phase, Dr. Yount kept me in good occlusion with regular tens and adjustment visits. My new smile is wonderful and I am so happy. I would not have had anyone, but Dr. Yount restore my mouth/bite! He and his staff are wonderful and make me feel like a part of the family! Anyone who needs dental work completed, he is the MAN!

Susan K.

I actually did not have a full mouth reconstruction done, but it was very close. I had gone to another dentist in Mattoon who virtually ruined my smile and my bite. I was having horrible issues with the teeth my previous dentist had restored. My previous dentist knew Dr. Yount had attended many continuing education courses and had gained extensive training in reconstruction and TMJ. My previous dentist called Dr. Yount and asked that he see me to see if he could rectify my issues. Dr. Yount has worked wonders and I love my smile! Dr. Yount saved me and I would highly recommend his office!