General – Testimonials

Aaron H.

Anyone who’s ever experienced a toothache knows that it can be debilitating. A toothache is never convenient, but when I began to experience severe tooth pain on Thanksgiving Day in 2010, I thought it could not have come at a worse time. I was sure that due to the holiday, it would be days before I could find a dentist to provide treatment. However, the next day, I had the good fortune to find Dr. Gregory Yount Dr. Yount’s commitment to serving his existing patients, as w minimizing discomfort during visits, as well as new ones like me, kept him working when all other dentist’s offices were closed. Dr. Yount was able to provide immediate relief for the pain and even called to follow up with me later that afternoon. I was so impressed with his work that I and my family are now regular patients of his. In the past, I avoided going to the dentist because of fear and discomfort. My family and I now look forward to going and our oral health has never been better.
Dr. Yount and his staff provide a level of care that always exceeds my expectation. The personnel in his office are extremely professional, yet friendly. He and his highly skilled staff excel at minimizing discomfort during visits and the quality of the dental work is both effective and enduring. Whether undergoing a routine cleaning or a root canal, I have never been disappointed by his work or that of his staff.

In addition to providing superior care, Dr. Yount also provides a great value. He always takes time to perform a procedure correctly and completely while making every effort to avoid unnecessary and costly expenses. When he discovers a problem, Dr. Yount explains all the treatment options. ExHis services are reasonably priced, and are actually much less than what one might expect to pay for such high quality work. Dr. and his team work with my dental insurance provider so I can know what to expect when I receive my bill.
I highly recommend Dr. Yount to all of my family members and friends. After one visit, they discover, as I have, that Dr. Yount is driven by a passion for dentistry and a concern for the well-being of his patients.

Clara B

Exceptional care, high quality results, Dr. and staff have taken care of us for years and always are trusted to do their best for us as patients.
Good care can be hard to find, we found it here, where you are on a first name basis with everyone in the office. We are always comfortable coming to the office
Won’t go anywhere else!!!

Cheryl C.

When our family dentist retired, I began the process of locating a dentist by making several phone calls to their offices. One of my main questions was if crowns, bridges and extractions were done in house or referred out. At my age I knew these procedures in my future and I did not want to be referred out to have them done.
My uncle had been a patient of Dr. Yount’s for years and he was very pleased with the care he received. When I called to ask all of my questions, every box I had was checked positively.
My husband and I became patients of Dr. Yount’s. We are pleased with the professionalism and thoroughness in the care, the up to date equipment, and the time the doctor and his staff took to explain any procedure we were having done.

The atmosphere in the office is very relaxed. All of the staff works well with each other. Dr. Yount has a way of putting us at ease while we are receiving treatment. He banters with his assistant with one liners that takes our minds off of our mouths.
I absolutely adore all of the support staff. They are open, warm and I am honored to call them friends. They know their chosen profession very well.
Right now I am being prepared for two implants. This will be a first time for me, but time has been taken to study what I need and everything has been explained. Am I looking forward to it —well, no, not so much, but I have trust and confidence that I will receive the best care bar none!!

Barbara H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Yount for over 40 years and have always received excellent service. I have often recommended him to family and friends
Dr. always uses the latest dental technology and I am sure I will continue to receive the best care.
Tammy and Jack C. My dentist, the gentle GIANT
Dr. Yount has been our family dentist for the past fifteen years. Although, he is a big man in stature, the gentleness shown to his patients is caring, kind and professional. Dr. Yount is always very involved and interested in his patients’ follow-up care after dental procedures; with personal attention to pain management and after-care appointments.
Dr. Yount’s friendly and caring staff are dedicated to excellence; from the hygienist, Ms. Lisa to the dental assistants, Ms. Laci and Ms. Jodie. Their happy, friendly smiles make you feel at ease the minute you walk in for your appointment.
To Dr. Yount, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Lacey and Ms. Jodie; thanks for making our dental experiences as pleasant and comforting as possible, and taking care of our bright smiles!

Dick H.

I came to Dr. Yount because I was constantly being referred by my former dentist to various specialists, even for a simple extraction. When I first went to Dr. Yount, I was warmly received by his office staff. Dr. examined my problem tooth, one that previously had a root canal performed by a specialist. X-rays were taken. The x-rays revealed a branch off the main root that had not been filled. Dr. Yount carefully reflected about various options that were available He gave me alternatives and fully explained the benefits and disadvantages of the various treatment modalities. Later I was in need of a replacement for some missing lower back teeth. Dr. Yount again explained my alternatives. He did the work himself. He did not have to refer me to a specialist. When working on my teeth, Dr. Yount explained each step of the treatment and is constantly asking how I am doing. He is very patient in his treatment and considerate of my well-being. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Yount and the professionalism and friendliness of all his office staff!

Peggy W.

The one thing I can say about Dr. Yount and staff is that each and everyone of his staff (including his wife, Cheryl) make going to the dentist a pleasure. I never thought I would stay that, cause I never liked going. The staff is personable and kind. I have had quite a bit of dental work done and never feel a bit of pain! In other words, Dr. Yount and girls, “YOU ROCK” and we can’t leave Cody, the office mascot, out of this. He is the true boss!

Beth N.

My experience with dental care at the office of Mattoon Dental Group, Dr. Gregory Yount, is always a pleasant one. The personnel are friendly and efficient, always professional and make procedures painless. I highly recommend the care of Dr. Yount and staff.

Ann B.

I was very impressed not only with the resolution of my problem, but also with his persistence and dedication to solving it.
His learning is ongoing as he pursues knowledge of dentistry through seminars and classes. He consults with others who are also experts in the field.
I felt that he was working with me, not on me. He let me know what was happening during the procedure.
I highly recommend Dr. Yount and his excellent staff.