Orthodontics – Testimonials

The Ewing Family

Dr. Yount and his wonderful staff treat my family like we are their family. When my daughter, Rachel, was little, her teeth were a “train wreck” according to a local orthodontist. All he wanted to do was pull a bunch of teeth which really worried me. She seemed far too young at the age of 7 to be having so many teeth pulled. Dr. Yount was our dentist even then, so I discussed this with him. He also felt she was too young to pull so many teeth. He said he could do her ortho, but it would take a long time to mover her teeth, but she would not need them removed. He has done “wonders” for her!!! Rachel is now 13 and almost ready to have her braces taken off. Her smile is beautiful and not one tooth had to be pulled!! It is so worth the extra time it took. My family uses Dr. Yount for all our dental needs. Dr. Yount, Cheryl, Jody, Lacey and Lisa will take great care of you too!

Whitney C.

Dr. Yount has been my dentist for several years. He changed my life when he put my braces on. My smile is wonderful and I am very confident when competing in different contests, like for fair queen.

Hannah S.

I came to Dr. Yount to do my braces. My teeth were not straight and I wanted a pretty smile. He gave this to me and now I am more confident and outgoing. Thank You, Dr. Yount!!

Noah Z.

My case is different in that I am missing several teeth. Dr. Yount is the only dentist I trust to do the kind of work needed to get my teeth in the correct place and then to do restorative work to replace my missing teeth. I am currently in an appliance to broaden my upper arch. This is going to be a long, long process, but when I am finished, I know I will be exactly right!!! Thank you Dr. Yount for agreeing to help me get my mouth to be normal. I really appreciate it!