Preventive Care – Testimonials

Marlow H.

Story begins: 10 years of regular perio care with a Periodontist, a specialist in this area. Appointments every three months and bleeding at each appointment with lots of discomfort. I thought things should be getting better by now so, I asked a friend who I should seek a second opinion from. He suggested Dr. Yount.

What is this? Dr. Yount was very diplomatic about my situation. He wanted to know if the Periodontist had offered to do surgery for my issues or had suggested upgrading my care. Of course not, I said. After my through exam with Dr. Yount was concerned that I might loose some of my teeth I had been trying to save. I could immediately tell he was the one who could help me if anyone could. I asked him if he would take this big problem on. He suggested using his #1 perio hygienist, Jodie. He said let’s clean him up and see if we can save his teeth. The next step would be to do perio surgery if the cleanings were not enough. I have Jodie and Dr. Yount to thank for saving my teeth. I still go every three months, but no bleeding and no discomfort. What a change! I am so thankful I found Dr. Yount, Thanks to all at Mattoon Dental, Dr. Yount, Cheryl, Jodie, Laci and Lisa!