Sports Guards – Testimonials

Lucas R.

Dr. Yount made me an Agility Guard for me to play football. This procedure follows the same principals as TMJ which puts my bite in the correct alignment giving me more flexibility, strength and increases my durability. It also helps protect me against getting a concussion. I highly recommend this mouth guard to anyone interested in improving their overall body strength, flexibility and agility!

Marlow H.

Have you heard about an Agility Guard? Ok! I am a so called carpenter/remodeler. Hey, I am 54 years old and unless you follow strict diet and workout regime, muscle tone will be gone (3% a day). Dr. Yount made me a little mouth piece – OH Yeah and now I can pump a 20# weight side arm over my head!! I have worn my body to shreds with long hours and excessive lifting, but this appliance has saved my life by changing my abilities and attitude! Thanks to Dr. Yount and crew!