TMJD – Testimonials

Debbie S.

I have never been to an office so full of kind, loving and caring people. They have all went above and beyond in my treatment and care. It feels sort of silly to say…you cannot wait for your dental appointment, but that is how it is. After a period of time, I begin to miss them.

A testimonial alone is not enough, I need a novel. But, to try to sum it up, so many wonderful things/changes have happened to me since coming to Dr. Yount. I am being treated for TMJ and who knew that treatment for TMJ would solve so many other issues! I had a disgusting space between my front teeth that are almost non-existent now …much to my delight! I also had a big toe that for some unknown reason was numb and who knew that was due to my TMJ! Now I can move it and it is no longer numb. Neck, back, and slouching posture, all corrected by having a correct bite. Ear pain, neuralgia and headaches were also connected to my TMJ.

Another advantage to treating my TMJ – a really good one – everyone comments on how much better I look! My son asked why I was wearing makeup and said it looked nice… I told him I was not and he asked “Where did your wrinkles go”? Needless to say, I was so happy to hear this!!

Dr. Yount, Cheryl Yount and staff….I cannot say enough kind things about you. I love you all! I am looking forward with excitement at the other possible changes yet to come. Thank you so much for the positive life changes and becoming like family to me!!

Toni R., High School Science Teacher, West Palm Beach, Florida

For years I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain that ranges from moderate to severe. I have not been able to open my mouth without a horrible popping sound in my jaw and experiencing immediate pain. I also have ground all of my molars down to nubs and am going to lose them if I don’t do something now. In the mornings I would wake up with a sore jaw, stiff neck and stiff back. Sometimes I wake up with headaches that make me want to cut my head off just so I can relieve the pain. I have had physical therapy and weekly visits to the chiropractor to help with pain management. I am now looking for a long-term fix.

In August of 2012 I started with Dr. Yount. He performed a barrage of tests to determine if he could help me before he started treatment. During the entire screening he was very informative, explaining what each test would tell us and why he felt the tests were essential for the proper diagnosis. After evaluating the results, he concluded that he could help me. He told me he could remedy the locking (clicking) of my jaw, restore my molars and help (not cure) the neck and shoulder pain I have been experiencing. While I was somewhat skeptical of this, I decided to go on with treatment. What did I have to lose? I was hoping the headaches and weekly chiropractor visits.

Dr. Yount started my treatment with a TMJ orthotic designed to keep my bite in its preferred position. Immediately I could open my mouth with no popping. At first my neck muscles rebelled, but within a few days my neck felt better than it had in years. I can actually turn my head to the side without pain. I don’t need to go to the chiropractor on a weekly basis to have my neck put back into place; when I turn, if it has gone out, it goes right back in. I have woken up with one headache, but the severity was less.
This TMJ therapy is not a quick fix. It takes long term commitment to correct the issue; possibly a year or more. I will need to travel to Mattoon at least 3 times over the next several months to have my orthotic adjusted. This is very important to do, so that my bite becomes “just right” and my molars can be crowned. Eventually, I will not need the orthotic, because my teeth will be crowned so that my correct bite will be maintained.

I chose Dr. Yount because of his commitment to his profession and to his patients. He continually is expanding his knowledge of dentistry by taking classes to perfect his talents. He even makes his own orthotics, so I didn’t have to wait two weeks to get one back from the lab. Dr. Yount truly has a heart to help people. He has been honest and up front with results I can expect and he has been correct. I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Yount for any TMJ issues you might have. He has already helped me and I’m looking forward to many more pain free mornings.